Beaverdale’s Neighborhood Bar

Beaver Tap is Beaverdale’s favorite gathering spot. Beaver Tap is located at 4050 Urbandale Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa, in the heart of Beaverdale.  Beaver Tap offers great drinks, good food and friendly service. At Beaver Tap, we know your name.

Beaverdale’s Local Bar

The former Beaverdale fire station has a long history of serving up drinks to the Beaverdale community.  Originally home to BonTon Tavern and then home to AK O’Connors, Beaver Tap now looks to carry on the tradition.  Slip in and enjoy a drink or two, and a bite to eat from our classic bar menu.

Beaver Tap Features

Our local neighborhood joint features everything you want from a local bar. We offer:

  • A full bar including beers, wines and mixed drinks
  • Great food
  • Bar and high-top seating
  • Five 60 inch flat-screen televisions
  • A patio area for outdoor seating

View photos of Beaver Tap.

About Beaverdale in Des Moines, Iowa

The Beaverdale area in Des Moines, Iowa has a long-standing history since 1920. Known for its brick homes, excellent parks and charming tree-lined streets, it’s a favorite community for young families in Des Moines. The Beaverdale district is big on tradition, as well as neighborhood contests. Residents love the street fairs, garden walks as well as Christmas light competitions. It’s a charming neighborhood full of life and beauty. It’s a perfect place for any Des Moines family.


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